Sweat Like The Old Days (2012)

by Holy Ghost Tent Revival

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Holy Ghost Tent Revival's second full-length studio album.


released September 4, 2012

Recorded by Randy Seals at On Pop of the World studios. Artwork by Jeff "Setty Hopkins"



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Mayan King
So what you disappearing for?
Man, it's just too hard to ignore.
What makes me wrong just makes you right.
When it's day you say it's night.
What you disappearing for?
That's just too hard to ignore.

You drop a line and close the door.
Man what you doin' all that for?
To find someone who's quick and plain?
Then she starts driving you insane.
Is that what God was planning for?
That's just too hard to ignore.

Don't mind the ones that you love.
Don't mind the ones that won't give up.
Don't mind anything that won't keep you interested.

So what you disappearing for?
Some revelationary war?
What makes you strong just makes me weak.
Is it the Holy Ghost you seek?
What you disappearing for?
That's just too hard to ignore.

You speak of love and fighting for.
But love is not an either/or.
You're always chasing something new.
Something or someone to adore you.
That's just too hard to ignore.


So what you disappearing for?
You're banking on that distant shore.
You're always gonna' do what you please.
Spreading the good word like disease.

You're just a common thief (3x)
Track Name: Telephone Wire
Now you've been let down
Is it true that what you've found
Has got the best of you and the rest of you
And now all that you hear
Are the words that make you run
Down the road past everyone
But at the end do you know
Where to go when the road turns

So you need patience
Someone waiting by the road
Who's got directions
To get where you belong
Someone to hold you
With arms made of stone
And to protect you

Make you feel alive
Who'll give in just in time
Keep you talkin' on that telephone wire

You want someone who will come along and prove to you
You don't live to die alone
So why not try to find someone who'll lead the way
So you don't live to die alone

Are you safe and sound
Does conversation bring you down
It's complicated. I know you hate it.
Slow it down, feel it out. It's trouble I can see it now
Does I gots to take you
And shake it off your bones
Just to protect you

Track Name: Po Jenny
Poor Jenny,
Someone's come along and done you wrong.
Poor Jenny,
Good Ship's gone and winds are strong.
I wish they'd come around right now
Keep you from crying.
And all this foolish lying

Well we now live apart and so have changed.
I guess we're never gonna be the same.
We thought this way would lead us straight, forever into
The end doesn't have to be. We all want what's new.

Don't worry. You've done too much of that already.
Find a different angle; it might not seem so heavy.


Don't let that cat out into the light.
When you open up the window and feel the night.
You can hold your breath, until you catch your death.
Just don't shut the door on what we got left.

(Chorus x2)

Don't worry. You've done too much of that already.
Track Name: John Addams Family
Bread and butter, waiting on the table
Geese and chickens sleeping in the stable
Ain't no night light; There's just the moonlight
Settle in for your Puritan dream
Cousin Abbie, fresh out of Boston
Where's your Johnny Boy? Looks like you've lost him.

Not a lesson ever wasted
Quill and paper tax, boy. Pen's Hill to Cambridge
Come to think, where is Quincy?
Someone said he's speaking French these days
Shooting pennies with those other boys
It don't make cents it just makes noise

Oh, oh, my dearest friend
Tell me, tell me how have you been
Oh, oh, my nearest kin
Tell me, tell me now, can you send

A letter, so I am better
The winter is strange
Tomorrow's yesterday

Tell me now, do you think the Devil cries?
Hide a soft side in smoke and potion
Move or die. Act and stop supposing
You can't be neutral under locomotion.
Go to sleep, cause we all got the fever too
Let the doctor bleed you so we can leave here

Charlie's got a monkey on his back
Not even Eve and Adam payed their taxes

Blood and bones, stitches up ahead
A Constitution on the front of your Gazette
Johnny boy, don't you wind up dead
It's the revolution take a bullet to your bed

Track Name: Mr. Sister
Elspeth's sitting at the table thinking that she won't be able
To get up. Now everybody's sitting down.
And her father started praying, as her mother finished saying that
If you act up, you'll end up in the ground
She started sweeping all her problems underneath the rug she bought
She never thought she would be wrong to shrug them off

Leaving her old man waiting
For a word or two to save him
Feels that everyone that he loves
Has forgot that he does
It's getting harder to believe
That you feel like dying after thirty years of lying through a cold and broken heart

Emily's hands are distracted Couldn't think of what exactly
To write down. She's throwing it away
All those thoughts of lovers stealing, holding onto bitter feelings
That you're not as smart for getting in the way
She told me she'd give up the plan, and yes
She'd rather be howling up at the moon and waking you up from

All your effortless dreaming like a dog scratching at the door
Because you're leaving (Don't give it up)
Please don't give it up
Mostly given up but holding on to Julia

And Julia, your love is flowing from each of your veins
Much like a river, it's the same. It's filling up that dark, dark sea
And the current's direction is exceeding imperfections
You can't seem to undo what you want to be.

And Jane-Alice an exception, by the blood and resurrection
There's no distance that could keep you feeling weak

And there's a boat that keeps on sinking
The sun's burnt out but you keep blinking
That the words that you leak are the words you can't speak
It's getting harder to believe
That you feel like dying after thirty years of lying through a cold and broken heart

Are you alone?
Is it hard for you to be strong when you're at home?

Because I'm rowing and pushing along in this boat that I built
Patching it together with the pain and my guilt
And I blink an eye and a fraction of time will go by
And I find myself inside another day that I fill with the reasons I use to escape

Are you alone?
Track Name: Come Tomorrow
The road that leads me to your door
Has never been this overgrown before
No need longer ignore, my friend
And the smoke that rises from the other side
Don't let it hide the light that keeps you safe and warm, my friend

Oh but you'll understand, come tomorrow.
Don't live in sorrow, for there no use.
For it's not over for you
So, please know you're not alone

And our home that rarely felt this bare
Has never, until now, dared to keep us apart and scared, my friend
But the truth we speak is measured in
The love we keep and weathered by our skin
So naked and weak

Track Name: Alpha Dogs
Spent most my life moving around
From L.A. to Boston town
Got a dog and a woman now
I always thought it'd be like it was before
No matter what you have, you're losing more
That's just not the way she is

I always shuddered at the thought of opening or keeping up
But I need your loving now. I need you now. So come on

Catalogue your magazines
From Alpha Dogs to Submarines
You've got a place for every thing
A photo of your friends that looks
Before our time when picture books
Had visceral and different meanings

So float across your wooden floor and open up that broken door
You've got the love that I've been looking for
I've been looking for you in every place a face has been

I'm forgetful sometimes (I forget sometimes)
Doing you wrong just ain't right
Can I take it all off your mind (Take it off your mind)
Cause all I wanna' do is do you right
You're gonna' watch this bird as he sings (Watch this bird singing)
Bird gonna' sing away with everything.

So what is odd and what is even
What is there to believe in
What does it mean to listen
To a sound without a reason
When you find yourself in a land
Without a season

Whatever happens you will find me in the next life
If it's not gonna be this one. So come on

I was an actor moving through
Stages looking for the next
Heartbreak whoever made us

I hope to God that the rope has no
End; The river's got no bend
You've got the fire that can save us
WIll you save me now even If i let you down?


Anyone you got, I got
Track Name: Walk You Home Again
You knew me when we were just friends
I would walk you home
If and ever you were feeling alone

We touched and talked til' a quarter past three
Til that moonlight on our skin looked like the sea

You showed me pictures and hanging fixtures
And all the things you were fond of
I sat there listening to every word you were speaking I was missing
Cause it was you that I was fond of

I woke to you dressing, the bedroom a mess and
You were gone before that rooster crowed
I laid there crying, rolling over and dying
Tearing at the love that I never knowed

The sky grew dark and lifeless
And my love it was priceless
But honey, you love to spread my money around

So I spoke out of turn
Need to learn when to speak
Need to sleep
Need to leave
Bite my tongue
Clench my teeth

For I'm grabbing at what I can't keep
I need to sleep, I need to leave
Bite my tongue
Clench my teeth
Grabbing at what I can't keep

So I spoke out of turn
Need to learn when to speak
Or I'm grabbing at what I can't keep
Track Name: Young Black Hair
You gotta' hold it in your hands, my darlin'
I said hold on. It's all part of the plan
You make me sweat like those old days

Don't let your young black hair fall to soon tonight
Words that we never spoke, they come back to haunt our nights

Have you lost your way
Lost sight of words we choose to say


It's alright if you don't know what I mean
Things aren't what they seem
And you know it's lies we're telling
It's the truth we may regret

Who is ever to ready to shake up the pieces
Break your records and break your leases
So you're wondering what comes next

Here's the answer, dear reader: Give up the ghost and put on some flesh.
Track Name: Better Off
What can I say to make it better for you some day
We could curse their names, send them to Hell and back again
What can I do to keep your wounded heart bleeding true
You never gave up on me, I'll never give up on you

Oh you know I tried, man.

What are the rules that I could bend
What are the lies that I could send
Back to the mouth, so unaware
Of every single promise that he threw out in the air

Don't mess around on me

Where are the tears that I can't shed, where are the nights that I'd lie sleeping In my bed
Oh you took those away, the moment your heart strayed

When did you go? Tell me when did you honestly know
You were better off


You were better off
Track Name: Regrets for the Waltz
So I find when I look past all wrongs that I've done
I forgave myself before anyone
But now all that's left, save the setting Sun
Is a broken heart and a need for someone

So help me
Help me
Hear my plea
I've loved
I've lost
And now all I see
Is the silhouette of our memory
So help me
Help me
And please forgive me

You were mine, my darling and I tried not to be
Untrue to you to save myself from losing you
But now all that's left is the Moon on the run
My broken heart, and the need for someone


Well time, it is cautious, but can not conceal
The love that I had for you now's still real
But all that's left is the night's lonely hum
and regrets for the loss of my darling loved one