Right State of Mind (2014)

by Holy Ghost Tent Revival

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Produced and Recorded by Bill Moriarty and Joe Bisirri
Mixed by Joe Bisirri
"Got Anew" and “Sun/Shadow" mixed by Bill Moriarty
Mastered by Alex Johns at Binary Mastering
Recorded in June of 2013 at Waking Studios in Philadelphia, PA

Thanks to our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and significant others.

All songs written by Holy Ghost Tent Revival
(Except lyrics for Big Big World, written by Holy Ghost Tent Revival and Stephanie Bowman)
and Published by Who Is We Are (SESAC)


released September 16, 2014

Holy Ghost Tent Revival is:
Stephen Murray: rhythm guitar, lead vocals tracks 1-6, 8, 9
Matt Martin: lead guitar, bass, lead vocals track 10
Kevin Williams: bass, piano, lead vocals track 7
Ross Montsinger : drums
Charlie Humphrey: trumpet, flugelhorn
Hank Widmer: trombone, clarinet, vocals

Other Musicians:
Bill Murray: Violin on Track 8



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Track Name: Got Anew
Got a new kind of living
Think I'll be more forgiving
Stop underestimating everything that I see
Got a new style of night life
I think I'll try to sleep
Not everyone around here has to agree with me

Got a new kind of lady
She's got a new kind of touch
Too many times I've been lifted
Too many times I've been dropped
I got a new kind of family
I got new worrying I need to do
Got to let the growing up around me
That everyone has got to do

Got a new kind of talking
I got some words that need some truth
Got so many letters waiting
To open up and read to you
I got a new style of listening
You got some things to make clear
We're gonna scramble all the airwaves
Got to hear what we want to hear

I got a new kind of thinking
To be at peace with what I've done
Surrender to misfortune
Forgetting what's to come
Track Name: Right State of Mind
You got the right state of mind

So tired of feeling lonely. Think I'll step outside
Don't got much money on me, but that won't bother me tonight
Go see my friends play, tell them that I'm just fine
Cause I got the right state of mind

I see you dancing there. I been watching you all night.
You're a kind of the kind of woman that'll keep me satisfied
You tell me I'm crazy. I say that's just fine
Cause you got the right state of mind

You got the right state of mind

We hide out in the corner, not to be seen in the light
I get the notion we'll be making it alright
She's like that cocaine, gonna keep me up all night
We hail a taxi, gonna go for a ride
Hanging out in the backseat, wrapped up real tight
I tell you I need you. You say that's just fine
Cause you got the right state of mind

I tell you from my heart now baby
I been moving too fast (moving too fast)
I've been wanting loving lately
That I know can last (I know it can last)
I know sometimes it passes, but then
Again I know it can deliver
Love has been on my mind forever
You are so fine

Track Name: Sun/Shadow
The sun is burning up the ground
I feel like breaking
Suddenly fear in the sound
Of the love that I ain't making
The wind that always would catch
Has changed its fickle mind
And I never felt so cold
Well in fact, I am frozen
The rain beating against the wall
Has made me move so slow
Seems like time is agreeing
That it's time for me to go

I know that I'm weary when I'm home
I know that I'm dreary when I'm home
So what's new with you?

I want to sing of jubilation
Of something I connect to
All I spit out is frustration
Of this love that I can't protect
The trees are empty in the fields
Nothing around me is real
Seems like the whole world is dying
Standing still. No use in trying
During the days of hungry sorrow
Of wretched wanting and dismay
May you look upon your shadow
That's been fighting to stay
No longer mute no longer idle
No longer striving to break
There are voices in the distance
Hope I'm not making a mistake.

Track Name: Broken Spirit
Why won't you look at me when I'm talking to ya'?
Why won't you even try to understand?
Why won't you even look at me when I'm talking?
Why are you so scared?

Why won't you even try to tell me that you're on my side?
Why won't you even give me the benefit of the doubt?
Why are you resigned to live in the shadows of your mind?
Why won't you even let me in tonight?
Why are you so confused?

Don't you catch me unawares

I was a broken spirit
Track Name: Trouble With The Truth
So late, and I'm still awake
Got work to do when the day breaks through
I got no money to waste
The hot sun is burning down
Where the hell is that rain cloud now
Weather man's been talking 'bout?

Gotta do what I do

I long for the evening
Cause there ain't no better feeling
Than unwinding your mind
I steer clear from rumors I hear
Got to keep the fire from spreading
Around here

[chorus x2]

Cause all Hell is busting loose
I'm in trouble to tell you the truth
The right way
What has been happening over yonder on the mountain?
Oh, help me get back on my way
There's a tailwind blowing across the tightrope
Track Name: Big Big World
Everything around us is true
Everything surrounding is you
So step out of your past
Take a deep breath
Make it last
Did you even have to ask?

I hear there's spaces in between
Of things we hear and what we see
Maybe they don't really know
Where we've been
Or where we'll go
Between the high notes and the low

I heard that beauty fades and falls
And that'd be sad if that was all
Cause I see newness all around
And I notice that it's round
Where the sky meets the ground

Don't you know it's a big big world?
Don't you want to see it?
It's a big, beautiful world
Don't you want to see it?

I know the feeling never stays
I know your worries have their ways
But its all part of the day
And it would really be a shame
If it always looked the same
Track Name: Blackout
Haven't I met you before
Scratching around back doors
I could teach you to play with fire
But I know you're just a child
We've been through this before
You throw your guitar on the floor
I could reach out like I care
But for now I do not dare

Between hello and goodbye
You could miss a lot if you try

And I hope you're home by now
You've been so long without
I could teach you to play with fate
But I fear that mistake

[chorus x2]

There's a blackout down the street
Leaves you tangled in the twilight
And there's a white light after me
Track Name: If I Lie
Take me back to that old country home
Take me back where my spirit will roam
How I miss that ferry that would take me to your house

Take me back to that house by the sea
Take me back where my spirit will be
How I miss that tide rolling on for miles

Take me back to that old family tree
Take me back where my spirit will be
How I miss that tree growing old and weak
How I miss that tree leaning on me

And when I die, I want to remember everything
And if I lie, I want to lie about everything
How I miss that ferry that will take me to your house
Track Name: Too Bad
Too bad, too bad

There's a well that's running dry
In the neighborhood where I
Would hang around
Drown in the sound
There's no time to change the past
Working hard just to relax
Slowing down
Moving too fast
Heavy load on my back


I need you to be strong for me now
Live recklessly somehow
No hesitation when you speak
Fog and smoke when you breathe
There's a destination on the rise
Night, goodbye. Hello sunrise
Empty glass, bloodshot eyes
I know, I know…

Baby so sad, so sad

(I was wrong)
Let the lies that keep on stealing
Everybody's hearts from feeling
All the day they do (All day long)
Track Name: Shadow Only Knows
I'm a giver, but only when I take
A weaver of words that have no weight
But there's nothing that you can do
To keep me far enough from you

Only your shadow knows
What you do before the show
What you do after you go

I'm a dreamer, only real when I am fake
A big deceiver. It's a wonder I'm awake
But there's nothing that I won't say
To make you think that I'm okay


I'm not here to motivate you
Advocate you
I don't really want to be friends with you
But, since my father died
I've been reaching out for someone, something
Anything that lets me know that when I die
I've been chasing after something I want to
Because what's real inside isn't always what's true on the outside
So if you ever find yourself bleeding, needing someone to stand beside
Just remember: